Inside Indy 500 Champ Hélio Castroneves's Trophy Room

YH is hanging out at the swanky Fort Lauderdale crib of Indy 500 champ Hélio Castroneves where he gives us the scoop on his upcoming season joining Team Penske's sports car program! He explains to us the key differences between the two racing cars and speculates on his future with IndyCar!

Pad-Crashing with Indy 500 Champ Hélio Castroneves

How does Hélio Castroneves like to unwind during the off-season? YH heads all the way to sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to find out! We meet up with the Indy 500 champ at his home where he shows off his (many!) trophies and the spacious backyard where he does his burpees, plus we hop aboard his sweet boat, 'The One', for the ultimate decompression sesh!

Terrell Owens Reveals Why Athletes Dominate DWTS

YH crashes another "Dancing With The Stars" rehearsal, this time NFL star Terrell Owens and his pro partner Cheryl Burke, to find out the secret of their success and why athletes in general seem to do so well on this show! Plus, T.O. shows off some of his fancy foot work!

Hitting the Gym with Chris Jericho

YH sends NBA social media host Austin Mills to Fortune Gym where he catches up with WWE champ Chris Jericho and the two take over! See if they can hack it as a couple of gym employees for the day, plus hear Chris weigh in on his other non-sports endeavors, including his band Fozzy and his podcast (where he was nearly KO'd by Mike Tyson)!

Tony Jefferson Gets His Swag On

When a professional athlete needs to get red carpet-ready, they turn to Jhoanna Alba! The stylist designs a custom-tailored suit for Baltimore Ravens safety Tony Jefferson, and YH is on hand for the big reveal! They explain how they came up with the design together, and Tony shows off his new threads before adding the finishing touch -- the gold chain!