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Behind The Scenes at Fox Sports' Speak for Yourself with Whitlock & Wiley

If you're a sports junkie and want to keep up to date on all the latest news and issues going on in the world of professional sports, there is no better place to turn your dial to than Fox Sports' "Speak for Yourself with Whitlock & Wiley"! Young Hollywood goes behind the scenes of the popular talk show, where co-hosts Jason Whitlock (a sportswriter and journalist) and Marcellus Wiley (a retired NFL player) engage in spirited debates with humor and authenticity! Jason and Marcellus tell us what they enjoy most about working with each other and how their job involves a lot of homework but it's all good thanks to their passion for it! We also catch up with other folks who help keep the show running and on its toes, including basketball analyst Jim Jackson, the hilarious Jimmy Dodds AKA "Uncle Jimmy", social media manager Darnell Smith, and coordinating producer Kyle Libby!